Frequently Asked Questions

What is something Dave is excited for in this new role?
Dave is a church planter, and he is passionate about the church thriving with a mission to relentlessly reach those who are far from God. He sees that Willow has a strong foundation with the building blocks needed to launch a thriving church. Throughout his tenure at 2|42 Community Church, Dave “relaunched” the church every year as a church on a mission. Dave is thrilled to serve and partner with the people at Willow to relaunch as a family-on-mission moving into a fresh season of ministry.

When will he preach at Willow for the first time?
Dave’s first weekend teaching is June 6/7.

How can we get to know Dave?
We are excited to hear a little bit from our Elders and Dave during weekend services on April 18/19. We will also share fun ways to get to know Dave through our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We encourage you to follow along!

Tell us about his family.
Dave and his wife, Rachel, met and were married during their time as students at Wheaton College. They have four children: Grace, Luke, Joe, and Alex.

What is Dave’s leadership style like?
Dave’s leadership style can be summed up in one word: collaborative. He believes in the power of a team. Dave is committed to building the church on the name of Jesus and not the name of any single individual, and he leads at every level through the power of a team. One of Dave’s greatest strengths as a leader is identifying potential in others and developing them as leaders to influence and impact the world around them using their God-given skills and talents.

Is there a plan to divide leadership responsibilities so that the senior pastor doesn’t carry the full weight of teaching and leading?
One of the reasons we were excited for Dave to serve in this role is his philosophy around leading with teams. He is committed to his role as senior pastor and to using his team philosophy to lead the church. He understands that the senior pastor cannot lead effectively in every area without a strong team empowered to serve and lead using their individual skills and gifts. Dave is already actively learning more about Willow and gathering information on what hires need to be made to build a strong team that can support the teaching and leadership functions of the senior pastor.

Does Dave have any previous experience with Willow?
Dave visited Willow Creek one time as a college student at Wheaton College. Throughout his years in ministry, Dave has been very familiar with the ministry of Willow as well as the Global Leadership Summit. However, Dave has had no formal affiliation with or connection to Willow Creek.

Why did you choose Dave to be the senior pastor?
The Elder Board was looking for a unique blend of pastoral and organizational leadership experience. The Elders saw that Dave’s leadership strength matched with his humility and passion for leading in collaboration with a team, and each Elder felt Dave met and exceeded the search criteria. In addition to his experience launching and leading a thriving multisite church, Dave has a heart for reaching the lost, growing people as followers of Jesus, and extending compassion to those in need. Each of those values is central to us as a church, and Dave will continue to help Willow pursue those values.

What were the qualifications for this position?
The Elder Board worked with a search firm, Vanderbloemen, to develop a Senior Pastor Profile with the input of Willow staff and congregation. This profile was used as a guide for the interview process. You can view it here.

Who was part of the selection process and what was it like?
The Willow Creek Elder Board is responsible for hiring the senior pastor. They worked alongside the team from Vanderbloemen to vet and interview candidates.

The process included multiple video and in-person interviews, reviews of teaching, meetings with the candidate’s spouses, theological interviews, psychological assessments, and background checks. As the Elders narrowed the field to final candidates, they invited senior staff members to help interview and provide feedback. You can read the process timeline here.

The Elders and Dave sought God for discernment throughout this process. The Elders are unified in their selection of Dave Dummit as our senior pastor, and Dave feels called by God to serve in this role.

How many people were interviewed?
Vanderbloemen vetted more than 230 candidates, including men and women of various ethnicities from domestic and international locations. The Elders were involved in extensive interviews with 12 candidates and spent time in person with their top six candidates.

When was Dave first contacted? What was his process like?
Dave was one of the first pastors contacted by our search firm in June 2019. At that time, Dave didn’t sense his time at 2|42 Community Church was done. By December 2019, Dave felt God leading him to explore the position, and he began engaging in the interview process in January 2020.

Were the Elders unified in their decision?
There is full agreement with the selection of Dave as the next senior pastor for Willow Creek Community Church.

I attend a regional location. What does getting a new senior pastor mean for my church?
Dave will be the senior pastor for all of Willow Creek Community Church, including each of our regional locations. He will work with each regional lead pastor to set the direction for our church.