Search Team

The Willow Creek Elder Board is responsible for the hiring and management of the Senior Pastor. The Elder Board is made up of eight individuals from our church family who were nominated by the congregation and selected by a team of staff, volunteers, and congregants. These individuals followed a prompting by God to serve our church through a difficult and transitional season. You can learn more about the Elder Board here.

The Board designated a Search Committee of four Elders to oversee the Senior Pastor search process. These individuals have backgrounds in HR and people-management with spiritual gifts of wisdom and discernment. They worked alongside a hiring agency, Vanderbloemen, to identify candidates for the full Elder Board to interview and consider.

Once it was determined that the search process would extend into 2020, the full Elder Board became involved in the entirety of the process. Meet the full Elder Board here.

About Vanderbloemen

Vanderbloemen is a firm that specializes in assisting churches with pastoral searches. Led by William Vanderbloemen, their team developed a trusted and reliable framework for identifying and interviewing pastoral candidates. They were chosen based on their thorough and considerate process, along with their understanding of where Willow Creek is today.

Vanderbloemen helped the Willow Creek Elder Board create a Senior Pastor profile based on input from staff and congregants, then used that profile to vet hundreds of applicants in order to present six final candidates to the Search Committee for review.